Questions to Inquire an Accounting Work Recruiter

“Do you have any questions for us?” Ultimately you will hear this question from a recruiter during your interview. As a candidate for a possible job in accounting or a related field, you may think you initially have all the information you need as the recruiter or Human Resources manager discusses the particulars of the position, and the benefits you can expect to receive as an employee. This doesn’t necessarily mean, however, that you will come away with everything you need to know about the job. Some recruiters like to hear questions from job candidates, too, because it can be construed as a sign that the candidate is eager to be a part of the company.

That said, it’s natural to draw a blank freelance illustration jobs remote when you are asked to ask questions during an interview. More than likely you walk in thinking you will do all of the answering – you don’t expect to do any interviewing yourself! Nonetheless, if you are serious about the position it is to your advantage to learn everything about the job and the company as possible, and that means asking questions. Just a few questions that may not be covered during your interview include:

1) What do you offer in the way of retirement benefits and/or insurance. This is likely to come up during your introduction to the company, but if not it’s a good idea to know whether or not the job comes with a 401(k) and medical benefits.

2) Do you have a policy for occasional remote working? These days, some employees will telecommute if it’s necessary. Some companies may encourage it more than others, while some allow it only sparingly so employees do not abuse the privilege. You may have the tools to work from home when you have an appointment to make, but check to see what the company will let you do.

3) Is any travel expected? Your position may require you to meet with clients off-site. If so, find out how you will be compensated for travel expenses like gas and mileage, and hotel.

4) How soon would you need to fill the position? You want to be sure you are available should the company call you for a second interview, or offer you the work.