How to Give a Sensual Massage – Tips for Success

When giving a erotic massage Victoria, there are many things you should remember. First, prepare oil. Remember to use a light, smooth touch. Third, communicate and escalate when necessary. Fourth, remember to have fun! This is a sensual experience that both of you will enjoy.

Make sure to have some oil.

It is best to prepare the oil before you begin a sensual massage. This will ensure that the oil remains at room temperature. You should start out slowly and gradually increase the intensity of your touch. Once you have reached the desired temperature, you are ready to begin the sensual massage.

To prepare sensual massage oil, you will need some carrier oil and essential oils. A basic recipe calls for 15 drops of essential oil to 30 ounces of carrier oil. The ratio will vary depending on the oil you use. It is best to start with a lower oil concentration and increase it gradually as you need.

It is also important to prepare the room for the sensual massage. To make the environment more sensual, you can use lavender essential oil or light vanilla-scented candles. When giving a sensual massage, you should make sure that you and your partner are both at peace, free from distractions. You should also turn off your cell phones before the massage.

The right oil can make your partner feel extra sexy. It should be light, scented, and leave her skin feeling hydrated and smooth. With the right combination of ingredients, you can give a sensual massage in as little as 10 minutes. To avoid tension and protect the skin, make sure you prepare some oil before performing a sensual massage.

You can use dozens of essential oils to create a sensual massage. Sesame oil is used in Ayurvedic massages, but you can also use avocado oil and macadamia nuts oil. Jojoba oil is also an option, as it is light and can be easily absorbed into skin.

Focus on the back, arms and genitals when giving a sensual massage. Avoid rubbing the breast area too early. Instead, concentrate on the upper body for a few moments, then slowly work your way down. Once you’re done with your upper body, work on the lower back, inner legs, and genitals.

Use light smooth touch.

Giving a sensual massage can be a pleasurable experience. It is important to remember that the massage should engage all five senses. The massage room should have soft lighting, aromatherapy like essential oils and incense, and be comfortable. You can also offer refreshments and snacks so that the recipient doesn’t get bored.

The most crucial step is setting the right mood for the massage. You want to make sure that the person you are massaging will be able to relax, so make sure to set the mood before you start. A sensual massage can be performed in about 10 minutes. It is a great gift to give to your partner, because it takes your undivided attention and full energy.

A sensual massage can help maintain passion in a relationship. The daily grind of work, money worries, and other stressors can lead to a decline in intimacy. Sensual massage can revive this passion with a gentle, smooth touch. It can bring back the passion of the early stages of a relationship, and it can re-energize your desire to spend time together.

When giving a sensual massage, always use a gradual approach and use light movements that arouse the skin. When massaging the back and arms, use long smooth full-palm strokes. Use a swirling motion when massaging the neck or shoulders to keep nerve endings guessing.

Using light touch when giving a sensual massage allows you to focus on the areas of the partner that are aroused and feel satisfied. When giving a sensual massage, focus on the skin sensations of your partner, and focus on the pleasure of your touch. Massage is an excellent way to merge the emotional, mental, and spiritual aspects of your relationship with your partner.


Communicating with your partner is the most important part in giving a sensual massage. Talking with your partner can help you discuss your expectations, how intimate you want to be, and what techniques you prefer. You can surprise your partner with a massage that will last a lifetime.

The next step is to ask your partner what he or she wants. Don’t be shy – women love to be touched and are more likely to tell you exactly what they want. Remember that women love a good massage and attention. It is important to put effort and time into your massage, not just enjoy it.

To be an excellent sensual massage giver, you must first be in the right frame of mind. Remember that the purpose of a sensual massage is rekindling feelings of love. This means you must be in a state that is both loving and enjoyable for your lover.

Before you begin a massage, be clear about your goals. This way, you can tailor your message to match the mood. Depending on your partner’s goals, you can adjust the length of your massage to meet those goals. You can also use timers to ensure you both get enough time in the limelight.

It is also important to choose the right music. You can use soothing, soft music with no lyrics. Lyrics can distract your partner while giving a sensual massage. You can also use incense or rose petals to enhance the experience. You can also enhance your partner’s pleasure with chocolate, drinks, or snacks. Sensual massages can be a wonderful gift for your partner. The benefits of sensual massage are numerous, and it can bring back the passion in your relationship.

Elevate things.

Knowing when to escalate is one of the most important keys to a satisfying erotic massage. This is also known as “orgasm management“. Jordan Gray, a relationship expert and sex expert, teaches you how to escalate while giving a sensual masseuse. Gray suggests that you take your time and listen to your partner’s body language. One of his recommended strategies is tracing her body inward, slowly moving inward toward her genitals. Another technique is kneading massage, which is used to slow down.